More nerd than geek, I'm afraid.

Ok, I'm new at this computer stuff. You can't click on those links and be miraculously whisked away to Webbed bliss. You're going to have to cut and paste. So sue me. (CORRECTED!)
On another similar matter, several people have emailed me asking, "How do I find your blog?" Well, I certainly can't answer that here, now can I? (I hope they can get this message another way.) Another person (see previous photo) has commented that he's unable to rsvp or comment to my entry. Well, blame the fine hosts at Blogger.com for that.
Cheers people: If you'd like to comment, you may have to register with Blogger, or you can write me at aoxoltlatmarkhotmail.com if you'd like to remain anonomous (Then I'll just go behind your back and publish your comments in a separate blog...hehhehheh.)

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