A word of advice to partygoers...

Before you accept an invite to a work-related party, find out a few more details. I expected a big blowout with all of my work colleagues in what I thought would be a welcome party for new teachers. Again, those nagging details should be ironed out. Never one to turn my nose up at a party, I accepted to go, but before you drop 5,000 yen (about 48 bucks Canajun) on a night out, find out who else is going, why there is a party and the venue.

Now, it was fun spending a couple of hours with these eight colleagues, but it would have been more fun with more people. It took place in a Hotel, so I expected a more grandiose room, what we got was what seemed to be a closet with a long table. Not even a picture on the wall. The food was superb, but nothing that I couldn't get at a cheaper nomihodae (drinking party).

Now, I went into this venture blind. What I don't understand is why people go to an all-you-can-drink affair and then drink tea and orange juice. Sure, they had to drive, and I respect them for not drinking and driving, but why spend 50 bucks?

I sound down on this gig and I'm not. It was fun, it just wasn't what I expected for the money. Caveat Emptor!

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Boy Wonder said...

Wow. $50? You got hosed, my friend.

On a reminiscent note, ahhh the days of nohmihodai (or whatever). The only thing better than nohmihodai is cheap nohmihodai. I remember one for 1000 yen somewhere in Kawasaki. As you can guess form the price, at 1000 yen it's hard to remember the location due to the fact that you always leave well and truly munted. *sigh*


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