Puffy the Magic Drag-Queens...

I've kept it a secret up until now, but tonight I'm attending Puffy in concert! They're here in Sendai for their Japanese tour, promoting "モグラライク" (Mogura-like...it either means "I like moles", or "like a mole".) I've been kind of bubbling with school-boy enthusiasm all week since I picked up a ticket last week (for 5000¥) and I've been trying to find someone with similar eagerness, to no avail.

This is where the "disturbing news" comes into effect...one of my co-workers approached me last night with the news, "I have several FREE tickets to Puffy. Do you know anyone who might be interested?" I was only a little irked in dishing out the 50 bucks last week, but much more irked when I couldn't find anyone to attend with me, and they'd get to go in for FREE! I suspect that Puffy's popularity has waned considerably in Japan, yet they're still hot in America (and possibly Canada too.) Well, I'll take this with its grain of salt and enjoy the concert anyway. Who knows, maybe it'll be so empty that I can meet the band! Dare to Dream!

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