Let the Battle begin!

This is an intriguing ceremony called 対面式 "taimenshiki" which roughly translates as "face-to-face meeting". The junior 1st year students 後輩 (kouhai) face their superiors 先輩 (2nd and 3rd senpai), two representatives make a speech, then they bow to one another.

Last year, I made the snide comment that this is the opportunity for kouhai to choose their bully and the senpai to choose their victim. This year, it reminded me of the movie "Battle Royale" and I fully expected the vice principle to shoot one of the chattier students in the forehead and then have the gym teachers proceed to hand out various forms of weaponry, from kitchen knives to machete; pea shooters to bazookas (as in the movie). Ultimately I was disappointed that this didn't happen, but on the other hand, if it had occurred, I'd be out of a job.

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