Hymenoptera or Hymen-operators?

(Boy is that obscure or what?)

Last nights Echophonyk event was a blast. We had quite a big crowd and everyone had a good time. Especially these two girls...
They were incredibly cute and sexy young (very young) fillies who flitted from gaijin to gaijin like bees gathering nectar. They would hang off the arm of one foreigner and then move on to the next, have a dance and then bounce over to another. It was quite intriguing to see the busy bees dance and I wonder if any cross-pollination occurred.

Dj Mokgohan was in fine form, starting off the night with his eclectic mix of the funky and the groovy. Next came DJ Mark Saito who kept the tunes coming including his funky Police "Every Breath You Take" mix. The newest and cutest DJ, Kuni, played her HIPpity HOPpity melodies and for a diehard HipHop enemy, I surprisingly enjoyed about 30% and tolerated the rest. The audience certainly seemed to appreciate it; they should, most of the crowd were her friends! DJ Mixture continued the beat and, alas, I had to leave shortly after J-Loop started pumping (sorry J.)

But a good time was had by all and as soon as I can figure out how to download photos onto my pc, I'll post some pics.

Next month's Echophonyk Extravaganza will be May 12th. And then on June 9th, it just so happens to coincide with a little sporting event called "The World Cup". It promises to be a jam-packed jamboree!
And stay tuned for big news on DJ Mokgohan and his new band!

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