A musical interlude...

Back in my university days (Guelph Ontario) many, many years ago, I was involved in an annual Musical event called "Curtain Call". We took a famous musical, then stole the tunes, rewrote the lyrics and based the theme in a university setting. I was in 6 of these (I went back to school twice after graduating, just to be in them) and they had Agriculture-related themes such as: "My Fair Aggie", or "Bye Bye Artsie", or my starring roles in "Gidget Goes to Guelph" and "Vet Side Story".
Back in my NOVA days when I first arrived in Japan, it was a less than pleasant experience living in Tokyo and barely scraping by. I took one of the tunes and adapted it to life in Japan and now for your reading pleasure, will reproduce the lyrics for you. Please hum along to "Lovely" from "My Fair Lady" as you read:

Wouldn’t It Be Lovely?
All I want is a room somewhere,
Mine and peaceful, with room to spare.
Sink, stove and fridge, large chair,
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Lots of blankets to warm my feet,
Nice shag carpets, some central heat,
And home-cooked meals to eat…
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Oh, so lovely meeting new acquaintances at will,
I have heard so much of those …
with English fluency.

Qualified teachers with skills to share,
Lots of time to give special care.
Large rooms, broad desk, fur chair …
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

BUT, all I got was a tiny room.
With salarymen that’re drunk by noon.
Just pray, you’ll move out soon…
And then, it would be lovely.

Not paper walls, you can hear right through,
Late night partying is all they do.
This place is like a zoo..
I wish it could be lovely.

Oh, how lovely to be living in a cardboard crate,
All you can do is pray that there is no…
Massive earthquake,

Is this really the best I’ll find?
It’s not at all what I had in mind.
Yet, it’s what I’ve been assigned…
But wouldn’t it be lovely?
Lovely, Lovely, Lovely.


Marty Williams said...

Hey Mike. Vet Side Story was indeed a hoot. I am still in Guelph. How the hell are you?

Michael Jones said...

Doing fine Marty. Been in Japan for over 16 years. Pop by for a visit if you:re in the neighbourhood.


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