LOST in translation.

Well, I've watched the first 20 episodes of "LOST" now and am as much in the dark as when I first started watching it. But I must say that it is the best scripted, most intriguing and most wonderfully acted Sci-fi/Action/Drama that I've seen in many a day.

If anyone in the Japan area wants to do some chatting about this show, I'd love to share my thoughts with you on the show. I do NOT want to chat with anyone outside of Japan, because you are one or two seasons ahead of me and it's hard enough keeping the show a surprise when one reads headlines on the net. My biggest fear now is that AXN is going to put the first season into reruns soon which means I have to wait another 20 weeks for new episodes.

(They love to do that here. We're already 2-3 seasons behind in a show and they'll show it here weekly. Then instead of starting the second season, they'll repeat the first one. It gets really frustrating for a TV junkie to get his fix!)


Rachel said...

Hi, no you don't know me. I was cruising through Blogs and saw yours and it was interesting to me that you were in Japan. That is so far from home, I would think.

Do you like it there?

Michael Jones said...

Hi there. I've been here for over 6 years and I almost feel like this is my home now. I love it here. Highly recommended to visit or work here.

Boy Wonder said...

Well, I haven't seen LOST yet, but did manage to cram the entire first series of 24, the directors cut of Das Boot and a few episodes of Family Guy into one week. Phew! From my trails I recall that Jake Bauer is being held hostage by a German U-boat crew, while his girlfriend negotiates with Stewie...


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