What the heck is that gibberish?

I have a request of my faithful readers out in cyberland. I occasionally write down some Kanji 漢字(Chinese Characters) in my posts. For those who live in Japan or those who have left Japan but brought their PC with them, reading these characters is easy (understanding them is another matter). I often get emails from home and, if there is any punctuation, it can't be interpreted by my computer and it comes up with some bizarre Chinese characters to try and compensate.

So my request is this: Does anyone know of a program that can be downloaded for free that will interpret Kanji? If so, please send it to me in a comment or to my
aoxoltl atmark hotmail.com
address. I will post it and then I can add more Kanji to my postings and make my Japanese friends happy. YOU may actually learn something too.
(ps. It's not that I'm so lazy that I can't research it myself, but rather, that since I can already read Kanji, I have no idea if the download is useful or not so I can't make recommendations.)

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