Don't Dilly-Dahly...check it out!

In my leisurely moments (which are getting fewer and fewer these days), I check out various other blogs, one of which is Cartoon Brew which has lots of cool info about vintage cartoons.

They had a posting on Gremlins and it's not the nasty little buggers from the Dante film, but rather a flurry of fine fellows from a Roald Dahl story written in the late 40's and illustrated by the Disney crew. The story itself can be found here, Dahl-ing. The scan is excellent and for those straining eyes, they've even reproduced the script in large print. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is about 50 pages long.

Go to the homepage of the site and you'll find all kinds of Dahl goodies, including teaching guides. I plan to borrow some ideas for my lessons.

I wonder if the cause of modern-day computer glitches can be attributed to Cyber-Gremlins. It would explain a lot!

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