CRAP At My Desk.

Those of you who know me, know that I'm an obsessive collector of the odd, obscure and cool. To help assuage my need, I get a daily fix by buying soft drinks, coffee or water. How does that help, you may ask? Well, I only get drinks that come with an interesting figure or character. If there isn't a figure affixed to a drink, I go thirsty until I find a convenience store with one. Once I get a complete collection, I move on and all the doubles and triples that I've accumulated end up as gifts to students, friends or as very cool お土産 (omiyage or souvenirs) to people back in Canada. Occasionally, I sell the figures to a Comic book store, who then sells them to his customers and I make a tidy profit.

So over the next little while (at least until I go to Canada on Friday), I'll be showing you photos of "CRAP at my desk" (patent pending). You'll remember that yesterday, I showed you Kinnikuman, well you ain't seen nothing yet!


A bento from Hokkaido and a motorcycle. 2 wrestlers and a panda.

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