Best laid plans...

I am definitely more mouse than man, for my plans go awry quicker than you can say Mickey! I have been procrastinating all week, as I usually do when it comes to packing, with the knowledge that I can always pack on Thursday night.

Well, who should call with an invite to say HI, but my old friend Markie-poo. I couldn't exactly ignore him...he's just returned from a honeymoon in the Maldives & Sri Lanka and I wanted to hear the juicy details. So throwing caution to the wind, I trekked down to his place for a quick hello and then I'd be on my merry way back to my apartment to complete (read: START) my packing for Canada.

Well, a chat led to dinner, but dinner was delayed due to overcrowding, so we had beers and then we had dinner with a few more beers and then came the sake and then they found out a marriage had occurred and thus came the bubbly, and so on, and so on and so on. (Nice run-on sentence, eh!)

So my 20 minute diversion became a 4 hour one, and now instead of packing, here I am typing away at a blog. I leave at 10 tomorrow morn, so I MUST leave by 9 to guarantee catching my train, so if I get up at 7, that'll leave me lots of time to pack...(too bad it's NOW 1:40am!)

The good news is that it was a terrific meal at a terrific restaurant in the company of terrific people! If you want to go there yourself, call up SHUUHEI (near Itsutsubashi station) @ 022-261-8839 for details. It might be best to call ahead, for we had to wait 2 hours (and many beers) for our table.


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