School's Out For the Summer!

Actually, Alice Cooper's refrain doesn't quite work for Japan as they only get a month off, but the gist is there.

What this means for the students is a month off from attending classes. 80% (not an accurate percentage) of them continue to attend school in various club activities, sports practices, studying, etc. Those who don't go to school may go to Summer Camp, which is a month long internment camp of constant studying, not making Arts & Crafts and going canoeing!

What this means for teachers is going to school daily and supervising the various club activities, sports practices, studying, etc. Very few actually take any vacation time to speak of, but when the weather gets so humid, it's nice to have an air-conditioned venue.

What this means for ME is going to school daily and sitting on my ass all day. I'm already well-planned for future lessons and have no other reason to be here than the fact that I won't get paid if I don't come. I could take vacation time, but I only get 11 days a year (including sick time) and I'm using six of those to go to Canada (+ 2 weekends = 10 days).

So, I get to Blog away to my heart's content or to Study Japanese. (Take a guess as to which one I'm doing today!)

In honour of 夏休み (Natsu Yasumi), here is Puffy singing VACATION!

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