Son of a Beach!

I posted earlier about a Beach party at Live ENN's House and I got there late on Saturday to see the last few bands.

1st up was a band I saw at the Jazz Fest last fall with lead vocalist and dancer, Veronica of テデスコ&ゼピットメン(Tedesco & The Hitmen), a Mod-rockband with gogo girls. Very groovy, baby!

The 2nd group was THE MINNESOTA VOO DOO MEN a Rocking Blues band in a Stevie Ray Vaughan vein with a cool cover of "Tequila".

And the 3rd band were the Headliners, some hard-rocking guys call THE PRIVATES, who used stolen Kinks, Clash, & BB King riffs. I took a while to warm up to them due to the lead's mullet but I couldn't help but join in on their Cab Calloway "へィへィへィへィ" (Hey, hey, hey, hey) and they ended with "Satisfaction".

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