National Geographic presents...

These characters are collected from various bottles of water. One series offers bird nests, others fish and others insects collected by a famous Entomologist (Jean H. Fabre). Unfortunately, my photos are very tiny, but the detail on the animals are amazing.
Of the bugs, we have a Scorpion (サソリ), Moths (ガ), a Wasp (スズメバシ) and a Scarab Dung Beetle (ヒジリタマオシコガネ). The fish is a ヤマトイワナ some kind of trout. And the birds are a ライチョウ(snow ptarmigan) and a ホシガラス (a sea-crow).

I have lots more at home, collected over the years. Not bad for a ¥110-150 bottle of water, plus you get to quench your thirst!

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