Relax-Bear or リラクマ!

Rirakuma or Relax-Bear is the trademark character of Ito-en brand Tea. Apart from some ケイタイ or keitai (portable phones) straps, I also acquired some stamps with various sayings on them. I can now embellish my students' papers with sayings such as おめでとう omedetou--congratulations, ありがとう arigatou--thank you, なかよし nakayoshi--close friend or よろしく yoroshiku--?

Yoroshiku has no literal translation into English, but it's heard everywhere, all the time. Basically, it means "I humbly beg you" or "I ask you kindly". In this ultra-polite society, it can be used to preface a minor inconvenience or a huge commital on one's part. This statement is a polite way of asking for a favour when it is clear what that favour is. When addressed to a person one has just met, the favour is understood to be something like treating me well in the future. More formally, it is どうぞ宜しくお願いします douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu, but is often simplified to just yoroshiku.

So, you see, some of my obsessive collectibles have a purpose as well!

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