Hols: Prince of the Sun (太陽の王子ホルスの大冒険 Taiyō no Ōji: Horusu no Daibōken), also known as Little Norse Prince Valiant

I'm going to post some little known Ghibli work over the next little while. The following is released soon in the States as "Horus, Prince of the Sun". If this clip doesn't pique your interest, you have been Disneyfied!

The director was Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, Yasuo Ōtsuka, and Yoichi Kotabe worked as animators in this movie. Takahata was forced to remove 30 minutes of the film prior to its completion by Toei. He originally wanted the film to be about the Emishi (the indigenious people of Japan who were persecuted by the Japanese). Takahata was forced by Toei to change it to another nationality, so the Norse were picked instead. (Don't worry, the Emishi show up later in Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke".)

Keep a look out for Horus (not Horace) and I'm going to try and track it down over here.

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