My Dirtier Nurse

Last night was the second appearance of "my dirty nurse" and it was a definite improvement over the first. They chucked the dead-weight of 2 other guitarists and it was just DJ Mokugohan and FK (Samurai-boy) plugging away. But we'll get back to them.

I met up with Alex at 6:15 for a pre-gig beer in the park and then in a few minutes Rob showed up with his Chu-hi in hand. While Alex and FK went for refills, Rob and I tossed a football around. I can definitely catch better than throw.

We missed the first act, which was a solo guy playing an acoustic guitar and I don't think we missed much. The next act was a trio consisting of a vocalist, another acoustic guitarist and a woman playing a wooden box with two symbols. ひよこ豆 (Hiyoko Mame) has a beautiful voice, far superior to most of the J-Poppers out there today and I suspect/hope that she'll go far. As far as I'm concerned, she was worth the price of admission.

Then in a complete shift of genre and mood, out came Alex and FK. (I think if they wore nurses outfits, it would be a far better event.) Yet again, I find their music indescribible, but that's a good thing. Alex fiddles with gadgets and FK fiddles with his guitar, but they mingle expertly and have a unique vibe going. In total, he had about 12 audience members and, as opposed to last time, people were grooving and swaying to the beats. The only thing that would have helped the session were if it'd take place at 3:00am with a stoned crowd.

The evening ended with the feature band, AQUA BOMB and they were enthusiastically average. We had fun jiving to their tunes, but mainly because the booze had kicked in. The only cool guy was the bass player, the other 3 were cool-wannabees. And a word of advice, if you have a drummer blasting away, do you really need a bongo player too?

I'm looking forward to the next event, I hope that it with a bigger crowd and with a more consistent lead-in and follow-up.

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