The Diving Competition Is Now Over...

And Italy won it. Their bathing beauties prevailed in a penalty kickoff. I didn't get a chance to see the last two games, so I can't really comment accurately on it (not that that's ever stopped me before.) I did see Zidane's headbutt (nice Rhino imitation!) and the highlights.

What did impress me was the fact that it got me watching soccer. I pooh-poohed a lot of the whining and diving, etc. but all in all, it was pretty exciting.

For a far better take on the game, go check out this guy's blog. He's much more eloquent than I (but a worse speller.) Cut and paste:
Mixture's blog

Here are the streets of downtown Toronto in its "Little Italy" section as thousands of fans cheer at St Clair & Dufferin:

See you in 4 years.

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