Back to the Beach.

I went with an ex-student of Mokugohan's named Akari, a very cute woman with her hand on the pulse of the Sendai music scene. Her equally cute cousin also joined us.

1st up were the Ponytails: We've seen these Rockers before and one of the rules of Indie Rock bands is to have a cute female drummer (and she even remembered me!)

2nd up were JETT3: punkers of indistinguished merit, mainly eardrum numbing.

3rd were the CHICKEN masters: lively rockers with a pretty good sound.

4th were Daisy Silky Ghost Unabashed mild rockers, the best thing about them is their name.

5th were VABIRONZ 2 flamboyant local punk boys with outrageously garish Mohawks, Good fun but lacking talent.

6th is my favourite band who I've seen a few times, Blue III, details later.

Finally we saw The Backdrops, an unremarkable loud rock band, but the bass player did have a cool coonskin hat. I listened to 2 songs and left.

All in all a very enjoyable weekend at the Beach in order to celebrate Marine Day. For me, one of the true pleasures of these "Hole in the Wall" places is being the only foreigner in the place and recognizing people who I'd met at previous functions. Alas, due to the heavy rain today, I opted out of attending today, but I'm sure it was great. (VIOLETS, JAZZCOKE and GREENPEACE are pretty good.)

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