Escape to Victory...

is an odd soccer movie with Pele and Stallone and alas England couldn't Escape from Losing last night. The officiating was dubious at best and the Portuguese used their time-honoured tradition of diving to gain referee sympathy to their advantage yet again. I knew England was in trouble when one of the blokes who was watching the match fell asleep halfway throught the second half. This was a guy who was expending so much energy rooting for the team, I thought he would start trashing the joint. Then all of a sudden, he went from bellicose to comatose. The hooligan was in slumberland and couldn't be prodded awake to watch any more of the dire procedings. So England yet again proved how much they suck at a shootout, Portugal proved once again how they are cheating, whining, wimpy divers and we all got to get a little drunk and enjoy a mediocre match. Now that all the teams in which I had a modicum of interest have been eliminated, I doubt if I'll watch any more matches, but the World Cup did do one thing. It actually kept me entertained for a few nights instead of lulling me to sleep like soccer/football usually does.

This photo is of Wayne Rooney stomping on a defenders testicles during the game. In his defense, he was so used to kicking balls, that he got carried away. This is one time that Portugal was not diving and Carvalho will be singing soprano for quite a while.

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