Horus...part two

The other day, I linked to a video of Horus, Prince of the Sun. If you enjoyed it, here is part two. If you really like it, the entire movie can be viewed online. I don't expect it to last for long, since Ghibli studios won't get a penny out of it, but until they yank the clips, check it out.

When the video finishes and up comes the "Replay/ Share" message, click on the words "YOUTUBE" in the bottom right hand corner. That'll take you to the YouTube homepage and links to 8 more chapters of the whole movie. Pretty neat, eh?

Of course, it's only in Japanese (welcome to my world) and it may not be there for long, but if you want to see some superior animation for FREE, do as I suggest. I don't recommend this as the best way to view anime, but if you're broke, have no DVD player or you're just too lazy to walk to the Rental shop, this is what you've been waiting for.

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