The Luck Of The Irish...

is definitely reserved for the Irish. I went to the only Irish pub left in Sendai, the Ha'penny Bridge (022-256-6881) in order to quaff a pint and show off my green shirt & tie. I was rewarded with a free KilKenny glass for showing the green and that was a tad unexpected luck. But I guess I neglected to kiss the Blarney for any photos that I took of the night's escapades will have to wait until tomorrow! For I stupidly left my camera in the pub! Thus you'll have to wait for the pics of me in a stupid hat, of perennial Patty-Day singer Oliver Murphy and of several cute lasses until tomorrow after I retrieve my camera!

Consequently I began my long walk home and the largest obstacle in this endeavor is bypassing the several conbini along the way. Alas, the siren song of the Otaku was upon me and I succumbed to Sunkus-succubus.

The first purchase was a half-price mini-wrestling figure アニメヒーローズ:
タイガーマスク (anime heroes: Tiger Mask). Well the 1/8 Irish on my maternal grandmother's side aided me in nabbing the Secret Character. See the blue silhouette of the 25th Hero? It happens to be a winged-tiger and I got it first try! WooHoo!

I also got a
キカイダーヒーロー (Kikaider Hero) and though I didn't nab the mystery character, I did get a rather funky bug-eyed, brain-exposed
カッタイダー (kattaida) which is still somewhat lucky.

I can't say I faired too well in my Choco-egg Dinosaur for I got a bony version of
(アマルガサウルス) Amarugasaurus. I'm in no condition after 4 pints to assemble the little guy.

The 500 yen mystery card for a draw for Dragonball paraphernalia only netted me some kind of
スカウタークリップボード (Scouter-clipboard) which may have a practical use but isn't nearly funky enough to justify the coin.

Finally, the 2 bags of potato chips that grant you two cards from the latest season of baseball landed me a rare sparkly card but it is of the loathed Giants. Bad luck indeed!

After this it was cheaper for me to hail a cab rather than walk by the half-dozen more conbinis along the way!

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