Kissing The Blarney!

I managed to retrieve my camera from the Ha'penny Bridge and here are the photos as promised.

I borrowed a silly hat and showed off my Devilman tie while imbibing either a Guinness or a KilKenny.

I had their Grand-Slam special which included Fish, Chicken & Chips as well as some Irish Stew & Salad. All this plus a pint for 1600 yen.

At the beginning of the night, I befriended Takahiro. I had to kill an hour or two before the entertainment arrived and I needed to recruit as many souls for tomorrow's party as possible.

I plied a half-dozen young lasses with some Baileys Cake under the pretense of inviting them to Arcane Radar. I'd kissed the Blarney Stone earlier and that granted me the eloquence with which to chat them up. Didn't get anywhere of course, but I did have fun and who knows they may even show up tomorrow night.

These 3 American gals were far more interested in the Swedish boys who had shown up, (everyone claims Irish heritage on March 17th, even Swedes!)

Oliver Murphy has been as stable a staple as potatoes and entertained the masses with his mix of Standards, U2 & Rod Steward classics.

After Striking out with the above, I returned to Ollie's table to chat with Kurumi. The dream catcher around her neck was entrancing.

A surprise guest of the evening was Marty Feldman. Since he died decades ago, it was very surprising indeed! The last time I saw him was in the company of the Muppets:

Yet another surprise was to see Clockwork Orange's Alex show up...

After I left without my camera, the staff had a bit of fun with it. I only wish they had taken a few more pics!

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