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Back when I was addicted to UFO Catcher, I won this back in '02 and then stuffed in a box with a bunch of other junk. I recently came across it and I wonder what the heck it is used for. It may have some function as a telephone holder but I can't figure out where it goes. 佐藤 江梨子 (Eriko Sato) does say two incomprehensible phrases in a tinny robotic voice.

If anyone can tell me what it states on the box, pipe in and let me know.

Of course she was naught but a Gravure Idol back then, but the following year she entered Cinematic Fame as Cutie Honey! As is everything else terrific in Japan, Cutie Honey started out as a manga (written by Go Nagai, moved on to an anime, a TV show and finally graduated to a live-action movie starring guess who?

Whenever I'm doing the Karaoke thing, I ask my female friends to sing the tune (warning: animated boobies in the link) so I can help out with the chorus.

The movie theme was sung by uber-cute Kumi Kouda as follows:

When Japan (myself included) was caught up in Honey fever, this 35-minute DVD featuring the trailer, interviews, a making of and other tidbits was released.

There are a ton of trailers and clips everywhere like the one below, seek them out if you're in a mood for mindless fluff.

(Spoiler alert: a slightly sexist comment follows...) The talking Eriko says two set phrases when you push her button, yet as I discovered in the wee hours, she also utters a handful of other phrases about once an hour at random intervals. As with most women, there is no off button.

Just so you don't think I put in an addendum just to say something stupid, here are 2 cushions from '05 that the Yellow Cab Model Agency enticed UFO addicts with. I've given a few of them away over the years but managed to hang onto 2. One of them may be Eriko, can anyone identify the gals?

Update to the Update:
I found another pillow that appears to be Eriko and I also discovered how to turn Eriko off. (Incidentally I rarely have a problem turning women off in real life!)

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