Bits and Pieces.

I'm going to skimp on the Star Wars fare to bring you some recent odds & sods from hither & yon.

Last weekend was a Flea Market at Dainohara Park and Alex, his daughter and I spent a lovely day together. I tried hard not to buy anything but I did pick up a few SW caps, a wickless candle & a horrible Hedorah!

For some reason Kaede insisted on getting her photo taken with every hideous pigeon statue!

Afterwards, I head over to Movix to watch a movie and bumped into old pal Mariko in front of these RastaLion-World Cup mascots. She invited me to an 89ers Basketball game to watch the guys of Drum Cafe perform.

Here are some highlights! (If you look closely, you'll see evidence of an actual basketball game taking place.)

Take your pick!

I gave each of the Drum Cafe crew a Mixed-Fruit Juice KitKat which went over very well. If you jump through a few hoops, you can also get a Rody toy!

Finally, speaking of KitKat, this Framboise-flavoured one came out a few weeks back. Using the French sounds so much fancier than plain old Raspberry, doesn't it? Btw, sorry orangutans, I can't resist posting my KitKats!

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