I Love Monster!

Last week, I stumbled across an old issue of
スターログ (STARLOG) and it has a few tidbits of Star Wars within, but it was the Frazetta cover with the title, "アイ・ラブ・モンスター" (I Love Monster) that caught my eye. It says 1982 January #1, but that #1 refers to the month, it is actually issue #39.

Wouldn't you have loved to have received any of these New Year's Cards back in '82? I may send them out this year to my pals as 年賀状 (Nengajo = New Year's Cards).

I'm not sure what all the articles entail, but I would love some Darth cash! (In case you're a budding conterfeiter, not Legal Tender!)

Did you like the ending? I did!

As part of a Contest, you were invited to fill out these captions (in Japanese, natch), but you can fill them out in English if you so wish...(No idea what the prizes will be, but something SW related. Note to previous winners of my contests. I'll get around to mailing you your winnings...someday!)

Here are some previous winners. Pretty amusing, eh?

I plan to return to this magazine again when I chat about Raiders or Harryhausen or Robots or Monster Movies or Japanese Monsters or...

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