Well, not a pair of Alices, more like three of them. On Thursday evening, I attended a theatrical production of Alice in Wonderland Jr. courtesy of the Tohoku International School.

I was invited by Alex (with daughter & wife in tow) to witness the show and it made me realize how much I miss the stage. The current principal of the school (Jimmy) is on Alex's hockey team and several of his offspring were nepotistically involved in the production. I fervently wish that I had a real teacher's degree so that I could work at his school but I wasted my formative years saving the dregs of society as a social worker rather than expanding my educational status. Alas.

Anyway enough of that, back to the show. It started off with the youngest kiddies singing "I'm a Little Teapot" with a surprise ending and two Lewis Carroll poems, "Won't You Join the Dance" & "Jabberwocky" done a capella.

It followed the '52 Disney movie fairly faithfully though it did include a very hip & jazzy version of Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah with "Mr. Bubbles on my shoulder" rather than "Mr. Bluebird"...a copyright protection perhaps? They utilised 3 gals as Alice: regular, mini & giant versions of her in varying stages of growth & shrinkage that I thought was quite inventive. I also liked the beatnik Caterpillar, Tweedles Dum & Dee and the trio of gals as the Cheshire Cat.

Here are several photos from the production, some are pretty blurry (I had the camera on the wrong setting...oops.)

In other news...Google had a nice Logo-ed tribute to PacMan's 30th Anniversary which by the time you read this will have disappeared. I recall playing the Pac during Happy Hour while working at Market Facts. Then Donkey Kong came along and my world vision changed!

But let us not forget some more 30th Anniversary SW goodness. The following YouTube is from the 50th Anniversary:


Copyboy said...

Cool pics. Must've been a cooler show.

Michael Jones said...

What I liked most was that the production didn't dumb it down and used all the vocab from the books & movie, proboscis!


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