Now, Where's My At-At At?

I'm glad this month is ending for I'm finding it tough to rummage through my crap for enough material for a month's worth of Empire. Sure, I could cheat and show some more Episode One stuff but I'm saving that for its 30th anniversary. I showed a couple of on George's birthday, but they should scan better if I remove them from their stands.

Here are I have two that weren't in that post. The ミレニアム・ファルコン (Millenium Falcon) & X-ウイングファィター (X-Wing Fighter) are particularly nice. I am rather impressed by the scorch marks on the Falcon.

Here are the standless dioramas:

My personal favourite is the At-At! Click that for details from one more scholarly than myself.


John Rozum said...

I, too am glad the month is coming to a close. I kept thinking all month that as great a film as Empire is, it's the one I have the least to say about, or share. Some of the items I DID want to share, I couldn't locate in time. Of course, after I put together my final posts I thought of a couple of things I had meant to post, but didn't, and decided I didn't have the energy to change anything at this point. It's like doing the Halloween Countdown in May.

I enjoyed all that you posted this month, even if I was too lazy to comment on each post. Thanks for showing me some things I'd never seen before from the other side of the globe. It was great.

Michael Jones said...

It was lots of fun and I got to mix it up with some of my regular inanities.
It'll be good to get back my regular wackiness though.


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