The Thrill Of The Chase.

I've shown a few other chase cards from this set, but here are the rest that I've acquired. I picked up this series in Japan and it was tough to find packs of the cards. Who knows, I might have been the only one in the city to purchase them! If they were more ubiquitous, I may have kept collecting until I got complete sets.

I have 1/2 Lenticular Morphing cards; 2/3 Holograms; 4/6 Etched Foil cards & 5/10 Darth Vader Embossed Foil cards.

Furthermore, I have 8/10 of the previously mentioned tattoes & 9/10 of the Stickers.

The backs of the stickers make up a nice tryptich of a Darth Duel. It really needs # 8, doesn't it?

I love this song!

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