Luke, Be a Jedi Tonight!

I have NEVER actually played a Star Wars computer game before tonight! Pal Andy gave me this a few years ago, either he found it incredibly lame or he conquered it early on and grew bored with it. Needless to say, I accepted his present graciously and it has sat on a shelf until tonight just to see what it entails. The graphics are pretty good (though the screen shots while the game was being loaded were excellent. Too bad the whole game couldn't be at that level.)

Can anyone tell me if any of these characters (apart from Luke & Lando) are canon? Have they shown up elsewhere in the massive Lucas-universe?

I ran around a compound, blasted a few Stormtroopers and eventually found a key to open something. That's it. I managed to get the first 3 weapons and I must say the best part was zapping your female partner with the stun baton, she really gets pissed off! (Notice how the Light Saber later is misspelled as a Light Saver?)

If I'm really bored, I may venture back to the the world of the Outcasts (misfit toys would have been a cooler name!)

Now if only someone would give me a Pinball machine from Episode one, I may never leave my apartment again! Damn, that game was a lot of fun. I can't find a single pinball machine anywhere in Sendai...I miss it! (SOB)

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