Introducing Kingyodora!

I spent all day at a Bridge Tournament, my partner was a University student who went strictly by the book, a technique I'm unfamiliar with! Needless to say, we didn't rank too high. This evening, I was invited to a Mafu-Mafu party also known as a "Meet the Gaijin" gig. I came late, but managed to chat up a couple of younguns in my quest to wrangle some private students. One of the organizers was holding a goldfish in a baggie that was given to him and since he didn't really want it, I took it off his hands.

So, goldfish is 金魚 (kingyo) & King Ghidorah is キングギドラ so put them together & you get 金魚ドラ (Kingyodora)!
He managed to make it home in one piece with about an inch of water left in his little plastic bag. If he survives the night, I may just have a new companion (or at the very least, a snack!)

One of my all-time favourite Star Wars characters had to be Admiral Ackbar! I wish he were used more in the 2 trilogies (sexology?)

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