In A Galaxy Not So Far Away.

Did you know that Star Wars premiered in May, 33 years ago? I made mention of the original here and presented a fumetti version of it for you the next day which you can find here

Admittedly without the heads-up from fellow Follower & Comic writer John Rozum, I would have been unaware that this month is 30th anniversary of Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back! Start at that link and keep clicking back to get a month's worth of Empire goodness! Alas, I fear I don't have enough SW goodies to warrant a month's worth myself, but I should be able to milk it for a week!

Check out the Japanese version of Wookiepedia for more info, but as a follow-up to my posts linked above, I now present for you the first half of
スター・ウォーズ エピソード5/ 帝国の逆襲.

If you want to read the rest of the story, you'll have to buy your own copy at about half the price I paid for mine! I thought these things would increase in value!

BTW, ya know what, it turns out that I already had 7/8 of those Potato Chip Bag Clips I mentioned yesterday and that means that I now have the complete set! Furthermore, I am sad to inform you that though the Stormtrooper works fine, Chewbacca's left leg is broken and he can't walk!

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