Sequel To Empire.

Yesterday, I offered up the first half of the official Empire Strikes Back movie pamphlet, so here's the second half. First are some スタフ・メモ (sutafu memo) with Aabin Katchna, Geiri Kattsu, Ree Braketto & Rorensu Kyasdan and Jyoji Ruukasu. Next are some clips of DAGOGAH with Ruuku, Youda & the Fousu. Then are several profiles of the Production team, a page from BESPIN, some action with Daasu Bedah and some Purodakushon Noto and a preview of the next movie to come... (Forgive me for all of the "Romaji" (Romanized rendition of the Japanese Katakana language) but I thought you'd appreciate how wacky people's names sound in Japanese.

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John Rozum said...

I'm really enjoying these. Thank you.


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