All What Jazz?

Well it happened again. Just like in previous years, my friends bailed on me and I was forced to go to the 2nd day of the fest solo. This means that I have no one to whom I can diss bands. diss+bands=disbands...see what I did there? Now you know what I have to go through, I have no one to annoy with my witticisms!

Though I was in good spirits and made it to there in time to hear the opening acts, after 2 hours of trudging in the rain and I felt slightly feverish, I decided to pack it in. Apart from an awesome Blues band and a quartet of high school rockers, there was not much to speak of.

Once I got home, the rain stopped, my fever went away and I got two calls out of the blue asking me where I was. Sigh.

It was pissing down pretty heavily, so I didn't have much patience in doing my Jimmy Olsen, cub photographer routine, but here are a few random shots.

Here is the Blues band, Blues Shack.
Here is the Band known as Reverse but for some reason they spell it Reivarce. She sang a kick-ass version of Jumping Jack Flash!
A bunch of little old ladies were lining up to receive some Ocha. I just wanted a cup of Tea and they went made a whole Ceremony out of it. (I love that joke...see what you missed?)
These were a few no-name non-jazzy bands I quickly passed en route to the bus, culminating in yet another a capella Gospel band, who admittedly were pretty Damn good.
Maybe next year I'll be able to attend the entire weekend with some comrades. (I certainly hope they're not avoiding my lame jokes!)

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