I'm not referring to buttock flashing, but rather the tradition to view the full moon right around the Autumnal Equinox. 月見 or Otsukimi, refers to Japanese festivals honoring the autumn moon.
Tsukimi traditions include displaying decorations made from Japanese pampas grass (susuki) and eating rice dumplings called Tsukimi dango in order to celebrate the beauty of the moon. Click here for the history according to Wiki.

No need to click that link, just watch this for the whole story!

Today, it is pissing down rain and I just saw lightning flash up the sky so no Moon-viewing for me (unless I watch a naughty video) and hopefully I won't be electrocuted. I was hoping to get a glimpse at the Rabbit in the Moon making Mochi.

 Ever wonder why in 美少女戦士セーラームーン (Sailor Moon), 月野うさぎ (Tsuki no Usagi) is known as Moon Bunny? Well it may have something to do with the legend of the Jade Rabbit. I spoke a little about it a few Easters ago and I truly wish I could see the moon tonight to verify it.

Instead, I'll have to let today's lunch dessert speak for me. I was at my JHS and they handed out red Jelly with a pineapple Rabbit embedded within. Yummy enough and it makes a cute picture, but then I beheld the cover and lo & behold, there were a few different lids. In true Pareidolia fashion, our friendly Mochi-making Hare takes on different guises depending on what country you hail from.
インドではワニに見えるんだって・India sees a Crocodile; 北ヨーロッパではおばあさんに見えるんだって・Northern Europe sees an Old Lady; 南ヨーロッパではに見えるんだって・Southern Europe sees a Crab; and 南米ではワニに見えるんだって・South America sees a Donkey!

Btw, I broke into my box of Koala cookies, and this is how it breaks down...8 lame ones and 2 cool ones. Oh well, maybe next year.

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