Another RIP.

Thanks to a heads up from the WonderBlog, I fear we must bid adieu to yet another fine actor, this time it's the ubiquitous Glenn Shadix. I recently saw him as the sycophant in Demolition Man but he was at his best and most memorable as Otho in Beetlejuice. (4-second mark.)

Y'know, I've been watching Nightmare Before Christmas annually since it debuted and I never realized that he was the Mayor until now! (1:08 minute mark.)

The only other example I have of one of his characters is the Nasty Senator Nabo from the highly poohpoohed Planet of the Apes remake. (Even with all its faults, it's still a guilty pleasure for me. 50-second mark.)

In other news, there was a Travel fare at Sendai Station yesterday and though I didn't have time to enter a questionnaire in order to win a prize (giant Capybara!), I did snap a photo of a giant horse & an apple.

Finally, I got a real treat today when marking some students poems. I marked about 150 of them and only one or two stood out. The format is 5 Lines: One word on the first line, 2 on the 2nd, 3 on the 3rd, 4 on the 4th and back to 1 on the final line. This one was written by one of the lads and is one of the more original (for the most part, they were all extremely lame.)

And then he came up with this!!!

I was very impressed! His teacher says that he follows his own path. I should say so! (The Wow & Coyote are my additions.)

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