Expo Yourself!

The GUNPLA starts today and runs until the 26th at the Parco Department store in its exhibition space. I wandered by but was in a hurry so I just did a quick walk through. I'll return another time when I have my camera and snap a few off. Surprisingly admission is free but otaku can spend all their hard-earned yen on the thousands of models on sale!

I did snag a flyer, a catalogue and a mini-comic though.
Revolution--Evolution. Catchy slogan. Apparently GUNPLA stands for Growing up, Universal, New item, Party, Life style, Ahead. Who knew?
Here's some highlights of the Catalogue.
  Look, kids! TOYS!
A few snippets from the mini-mag.
If my posting is sporadic over the weekend, that's because it's the 20th Annual Jozenji Jazz Fest in downtown Sendai. As previous years will attest, it's always a challenge to hear actual Jazz. Let's see if tomorrow is any different!

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