The Emissary.

I feel totally safe thanks to EMIS. Here is my interpretation of the Emergency Information System for Foreigners in Miyagi handbook/pamphlet given to us at Immigration.
When an earthquake happens...shrink down to a tiny size and hide under a large table.
To put out open flames...(When your house is aflame) Turn off lights, gas & heaters and unplug appliances.
When a fire breaks out...Call 119 (Japan's 911), ask for an Ambulance then a Fire truck (but don't bother telling me how to say it in Japanese.)
Some advice for evacuation...Don't go to a wobbly Shrine (and pray for redemption); Don't drive or take an elevator; Don't try to catch falling debris from buildings.
Getting to a safe place...Chase after a fleeing family and GO...
Getting to an evacuation shelter...(This one is a tad confusing, going counterclockwise:) Leave the school and get some drugs; go to MacDonalds; get some information;  get some multi-coloured Foreigners and go back to the school; then go to bed.
All very good advice. I feel perfectly safe now.

This has nothing to do with the above, but I'll take this over those damn LOL Cats anytime:

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