Rooney Tunes.

Digging through my closet, I came across a set of Cartoon Classics characters, in this case Vol.1 of ルーニー・テューンズ (Runi-tyunzu). I find Sylvester to be a tad over-the-top, but the others are captured perfectly.



ロード・ランナー(Ro-do Ranna-) 

ワイリー・コヨーテ(Wairi-Koyote pronounced Koh/yoh/tay) 

マービン・ゼ・マーシャン(Ma-bin ze Ma-shun) 

ポーキー・ピッグ(Po-ki- Piggu)

Their checkerboard stands all link up in a diorama. I'm a little disappointed that Porky & Marvin aren't in opposition, but I can't have everything.

I don't recall ever finding Vol.2, which included バッグズ・バニー(Baggzu Banni-) ダフィー・ダック(Daffi- Dakku) タズマニアン・デビル(Tazumanian Debiru) エルマー・ファッド(Eruma- Faddu) ペッピー・ラ・ピュー(Peppi Ra Pyu-) スピーディー・ゴンザラス (Supi-di- Gonzarazu).

It is surprisingly difficult to find these Tunes in Japanese, but here's a choice one. At around the 2:10 mark, he reads off a list of animals in Japanese. What do you think of Bugs' voice?


The Frog Queen said...

Ah, very cool. Husband is a BIG Marvin the martian fan.


Michael Jones said...

He has good taste in Martians and spouses.


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