Who's The Boss?

Tommy Lee Jones of course! Just to prove the point that his visage still adorns the Boss Vending Machines, here's the proof.

I spent another 77 minutes (2 loads of laundry minus 3 minutes) hunting for the last of the larger Batmobiles and after hitting another dozen Conbini, I finally succeeded. Who says we nerdy-types never get any exercise? I saw a fellow Batophile searching as well, but he drove, lazy-bones!

Above is the highly elusive Batmobile from Burton's movies. In total, I think I hit about the 25th Conbini until I found it. If only I'd started there first...

Batmobiles 2 & 3 from the Schumacher era. Hated the movies, loved the merchandising (and obviously I still do!)
Batmobile #4 & the Batpod from the Nolan movies. Gritty, gutsy & not at all goofy.
Here are all 15. Pretty sweet, I must say. Definitely worth the trekking all over town to amass them. (But why do the best toys come out when I'm at my most impecunious?)
Topping off my trilogy of Batmobiles & TLJ posts, here's a handful more of the Boss ads where Tommy goes domestic!

There's probably a few more, go look for yourself!

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