Quest For The Dark Knight!

I wasn't aware that there were larger BatVehicles until I surfed and found a picture of them online. On the way to work today, I picked 2 up and since I couldn't remember which ones I'd already obtained, I only got one more on the way home. So tonight after midnight, I went Conbini-hopping in attempt to find the other two. (I won't showcase them until I've completed the entire set of 5.)

After an hour of going to 10 different Conbini within a dozen block radius of my home, I came up with NUTHIN! I only saw 1 and it was one I'd already obtained. There were tons of the mini-cars but NONE of the big ones. Either these were in very limited quantities or some obsessive little otaku has beat me to the punch and gathered them all up!

Because I hate walking into a store without purchasing anything, my trip wasn't a complete waste of time...here's what I found:

I found a chick with some crunchy ramen on sale which I bought in honour of Pastafarian week.

Hey, a new KitKat. Once I got it to the counter, I discovered that it was really overpriced. The Autumn Assort features 4 regular, 4 Caramel Pudding and a new one called Marron. I couldn't tell the difference between it and a regular one. I'd call this purchase a rip-off!

Getting thirsty, I found an Evian with a RiraKuma magnet. Cute.

Buy two items and get a free Cheburaska, I got some chips.

TLJ was a big hit  yesterday, so here are some more...

My favourite to date:

And my least favourite.

Another good one:


This one is dedicated to the Chilean miners.

Ooh, a sexy one.

Congrats to Kan for not being ousted as the PM this week. There's always next week.

Finally (for now anyway.)

I just found several more of these. Hopefully I can find my last two Batmobiles so then I can showcase them...

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