Stony Curtis Is Extinct.

Better known for his movie roles, トニー カーティス (Tony Curtis) entered into the world of animation when he guested on The Flintstones as Stoney Curtis.

Stony Curtis: Nice place you have here, Mrs. Flintstone.
Wilma: Oh, my, nothing really.
Fred: What?
Wilma: Oh, would you care for some hors d'oeuvres? (rings a bell) Oh, Yvette!
Fred: Yvette? Who's Yvette?
(Betty appears dressed as a maid and using a French accent)
Betty: Oui, Madame. You called?
Wilma: Yes. Will you please serve the hors d'oeuvres?
Betty: Oui, Madame.
Fred: What's going on here? That's not Yvette, that's Betty.
Wilma: You're confused, Frederick. Betty is the upstairs maid.
Fred: Upstairs maid? We don't have an upstairs maid! WE DON'T EVEN HAVE AN UPSTAIRS!

Papa to Jamie Lee, Tony passed away today at the age of 85. Let's take a look at a few of his more interesting roles.

I'm Spartacus and so's my wife!

I'd never seen the Persuaders before I came to Japan. I guess it never got picked up over in Canada. I was lucky enough to see most of the episodes when they ran them on SuperChannel over here. I love it, I just discovered that the Japanese title is ダンディ2 or Dandy 2 !

I recently saw him in The Vikings, and enjoyed it as much then as I did 30 years ago.

It's been awhile, but I've seen this a few times. Here's Tony as Cary Grant in SLIH. He started shagging Marilyn during this movie. WooHoo!

I haven't seen Operation Petticoat in years, but this preview brought it all back.

He rarely portrayed creepy, but he did it well in The Boston Strangler which I saw last year for the first time.

I saw the first Bad News Bears movie with Matthau but I'd never seen the 2nd nor 3rd sequel when they went with Tony to Japan. Unfortunately, there is no footage of it on YouTube. Consider yourself fortunate.

Speaking of movies I've never seen, You Can't Win 'em All costarred Charles Bronson and appears to be called アドベンチャー (Adventure) in Japanese! You can now watch it on YouTube, see how long you can last before giving up on it.

Finally, Tony never ventured into the Horror genre too often but when he did it was memorable in an unmemorable movie, The Manitou!

RIP Tony, we shall miss your philandering ways!


John Rozum said...

Of course the Stony Curtis reference was doubly perfect as today also marks "The Flintstones" 5oth Anniversary.

Michael Jones said...

I wasn't aware of the connection until about 30 minutes after I'd written it and someone pointed it out to me. I then added the TV guide interview to the post (I scammed from Cartoon Brew.)
I trust you've seen the Google Doodle?


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