Drive Me Batty!

To add to my woes, I now have a case of the sniffles. I sneezed and snorted my way through my lessons last night and popped into the local 7-11 to grab a bite. I noticed that the canned coffee was offering yet another mini-car as a give-away and then I took a closer look! They were Batvehicles from the last 6 movies! I rummaged through them and fortunately they were easily discernible from one another and I got 9/10 of the set. I didn't even have time to eat because I had to catch a train, but I was very pleased and my otherwise rotten day, turned out to be pretty darned good! I tried one of the coffees and though palatable, they're not  my cup of tea so I graciously donated them to my local Darts bar on the way home (hoping to win a few Brownie points with my unfortunately absentee Uterus.) I found the last one I needed on the way home! A truly magnificent ending to an otherwise lousy day. Alas, I was too fatigued to post it yesterday, so be glad that you stay tuned on the same Bat-channel and here's the Bat-booty.
First up is a trio from バットマン & バットマン・リターンズ including the original Batmobile, its Protective Shield and the BatMissile.

Next up is the 2nd Batmobile plus the original BatWing and its successor from バットマン・フォーエヴァー.

The BatBoat from バットマン・フォーエヴァー makes an appearance along with the 3rd BatMobile from バットマン&ロビン.

Finally the 4th Batmobile from the latest Nolan versions of バットマンビギンズ and ダークナイト appears with its Production Model.

They are your typical pull back & zip along toys with and added bonus...magnets. Let them loose and they can spin around your can of coffee!

There's one other connection between Batman and Boss coffee, you know. With appearing two-faced, can you ascertain the connection? (There's a ton of them, but they're only 30 seconds each and worth every moment of your time.)

There's another dozen of these. Just follow them along sequentially. Though these ads took place a few years ago, TLJ's face still appears on Vending machines all over Japan!

Aww, crap, I just discovered that there are another 5 vehicles to buy and you have to buy 2 cans of coffee to get them!

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The Frog Queen said...

Wow, I had no idea he did those commericals! Very cool! Thanks for sharing.



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