Haul The Decks!

On Saturday, I played in a local Bridge tournament and played fairly pitifully. (Admittedly, the night before, I had played Darts & 9-Ball with pal Rob at my local and, alas, my Uterus was not there...so we got good'n'drunk instead.)  My Bridge partner & I came in last place after the first round. Then the Tylenol™ must have kicked in or something, because we came in first place in the second round with a showing of 4th overall!

So I thought today I'd haul out some of the decks I've acquired over the last several years and give you a peek. I'll start off simple with a couple of packs received gratis with various 6-packs: Mike's Hard Lemonade, Yebisu Beer, another deck that purports to do magic tricks and a cute mini-deck featuring Raymond Briggs' The Snowman that came with a KFC kid's meal.

Here's a deck of ドラエモン that is a pretty cheaply made-in-Taiwan knockoff. For some reason, a deck of cards here is called  ドランプ (Trump) and the only card game kids know how to play is an Old Maid clone called ババ抜き(Baba-meki) and , THE KIDS CHEAT EVERY TIME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!

I found this deck of Stitch at the 100¥ shop at half-off and it is a very nicely made set. The Ace-10 have a equal # of Stitch heads per card and the Jokers, King, Queen & Jacks are unique. Most of my students refer to the cards as 1-13 with no knowledge of AKQJ. The suits are referred to as
スペード=Spade, ハート=Heart、クラブ=Club but more frequently called クローバー=Clover & ダイヤ=Dia.

These are 3 dicks decks of slightly naughty women in various trump trampy poses. I got these a few years back in my UFO-Catch days and I occasionally give them out as Stag presents. I love the slogan on the Goldengirl deck, "Golden Girl Delicarcy Puker".

The yellow one is the last deck from my IBM Bridge Club days in the 90s when my brother & I partnered up. Each week, the winning team got a deck and I have given out about 10 of these since I've arrived. I think I scammed the deck with the Teddy Bears from a tourney last year.

My proudest decks are recent UFO-Catch acquisitions but they are tough to snag and thus prohibitively expensive. Some day, I'd like to get all of the Ghibli-related decks but for now, I only have these 3. Once I get my scanner working, I'll showcase  借りぐらしのアリエッティ (Karigurashi no Arrietty.)

or 千と千尋の神隠し (Spirited Away).

One of my all-time favourite Ghiblis is もののけ姫 or Mononoke Hime/Princess. You can follow most of the movie by just going through the cards!

You're such a card, Michael.   
I know, I should be dealt with!

ps. I know the 7/8 of hearts are out of place, you try moving them around once you've already uploaded them. It's nigh impossible!

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