Happy Fake Birthday!

I flamboyantly flogged my phony festive foundation on Facebook and fortunately found a few friends follow-up.

Yes, once again, it's St. Michael's Day which means that it's the anniversary of my fake birthday. Click that link to learn all about my childhood woes regarding my birthday and the date upon which it was celebrated while aged 6-12 (Michaelmas.)

To celebrate today, let's take a look at some of the stuff on YouTube that glorifies my angelic namesake...
Let's start with a Symphonic Impression of St. Michael by Ottorino Resphigi (no I don't know him either, but watch the clip, you might learn something.)

Watch me kick some Lucifer butt with a flaming sword!

Wow, a speed painting of Archangel Michael (with questionable music.)

Finally, in preparation for Friday's Countdown to Halloween, (a month-long-all-Halloweenie-daily-post extravaganza), here is Michael kicking some Angel but in Legion!

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