Got A Sweet Tooth?

Well then, this is the post for you. I shall show off my extensive chocolate collection, each little piece came free with a tea, usually Lipton. The only snag here is that most of them are made of plastic and are intended to be used as little straps to hang on your key chain or ケイタイ (keitai or cell phone). Some of these are real and I will intersperse them throughout the collection. Your task is to identify which ones are consumable. (A hint: whenever possible, I have photoshop-cropped off the strap itself, but you can sometimes see a glimmer of metal...that's not edible.)

First let's start off with a video of the Whizzo collection. (Warning: Lark's Vomit!)

Mmmm, yummy. Here is the above sketch performed live. Which do you prefer?

Start salivating...

What follows is this strange little チクワクン.

See that freaky bear thing, you squeeze it and this rectangular goop with a face pops out.

Answers as to what it is real will be provided in the comments.


Michael Jones said...

The black KitKats are オトナの甘さ, some new choco. The red one is an eraser!
The Koalas are cute little Halloweenie cookies that came out last week.
The square candies with a Pumpkin (プリン・Pudding-flavour), Werewolf (アーモンド・Almond) & Ghost (コヒーヌガ・Coffee-Nougat) are also yummy new Halloween chocolates. 18 for a buck is pretty good!
The orange marshmallows and little sour orange candies are 2 cheap packages I picked up in order to get a free clear file folder.)
The only other genuine one is the slender stick of orange-peeled chocolates (DEMEL) given to me by my Bridge tournament when we took 1st.

The Frog Queen said...

Crunchy Frog!!! I forgot about that one! Thanks so much...going to have to repost that on my blog :)

And thanks for all the candy pictures....very yummy!



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