Where's Wally?

Here he is! I never knew that Waldo was called Wally outside of North America nor did I know that he was created by British illustrator, Martin Handford. In Japan, he is known as ウォーリー yet if you Google that,you're more apt to find Wall-E.

Anyway, I popped into the Sunkus conbini to grab dinner and staring me in the face was Wally. You get a free Wally ClearFile with the purchase of two snacks so I grabbed the cheapest ones of course.

These are the ClearFiles I got. Can you find Wally? (Click the pics to Walrusize them.)

I found him right away on this one.

I didn't know this when I bought them, but when I got them home, I discovered that there is a secret flap that you lift with a barcode you can read with your phone and maybe win a present. I won a freebie box of カントリーマアムクリスピーミニ (Country Maam Crispy Mini.) I'll pick it up tomorrow and maybe get the last of the ClearFiles while I'm at it.

Who knew that Werner Herzog was such a fan?


ps. Once I removed the Word Verification, my non-blogging friends could Comment more easily. Unfortunately, the Spammers (Bloody Vikings) snuck in and last night I received a dozen of the insidious little buggers. So, alas, I shall have to reinstate the Word Verification (which is a bit of a misnomer considering the Word in question is gibberish.)

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