Canada Night At Ernie's.

After a nice dinner at Rose Garden (thanks for tieing my ties,dude), I popped over to Ernie's in the company of DJ Mokugohan who dazzled us with his ipod set (I remember when he poohpoohed those who "spun" via computer and not by actually scratching vinyl, times change) of "Basic Base Bass". Best song, "Mike Jones" remix! (I also liked the tune to which Alex & I recited "Green Eggs & Ham".)

It's good to be back in the swing of things. While we were there, there were only 7 lads (5 of them were Canucks) and two lasses and I managed to monopolize the dames. While chatting up Kaori*, I heard the 3 little words that every gaijin dreads to hear, "Teach me English!"

*My Oyaji Gaggu for "Kaori"...I like Pepsi Zero. Zero Kaori (Calorie).

I ended up quaffing two more brew at my local Billiards/Darts bar and getting my ass sorely kicked at both games.

Great news: we now have a venue for Halloween (Ernie's), I got a few more ties tied & I think I've figured out my Halloween costume this year!
Bad news: I stole someone's umbrella by mistake. But it's a nice one, so I might keep it. Karma will be disappointed.

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