I partook in the Oktoberfest activities once again on Saturday evening and it was much of the same but didn't seem quite as chaotic as Friday. Perhaps the band members were pooped from the night before or they were instructed to keep the dancing localized around the stage instead of randomly polkaing throughout the hall. The music was identical, the crowd just as rowdy, but it just didn't have the same vibe as the night before. It could be that I drank about a third as much as I had previously...Nah...that couldn't be it.

I'd heard about メロンパン so at lunch today, I decided to pick up some "Melon-pan" from the Melon-mobile. It turns out to be just a sugary doughy round bread in the shape of a melon and has nothing whatsoever to do with melons otherwise. Tasty enough, I suppose, but I was expecting some melony-goodness. I bought two more and divvied them up amongst co-workers and students and they were delighted.

I took some photos of some "Capsule Machines" the other day just to see what was out there related to Halloween. It's cheaper to just click a pic than to buy the goodies but what I did buy will be showcased next month as part of the "2011 Countdown to Halloween!

There's something unusual about this one that I can't quite figure out. Is it the mushrooms with faces? Hmmm, maybe.

Tomorrow is a Respect for the Aged Day, so give me some respect!!
I'll be spending the next two days in Tokyo on the school's dime...woohoo!
Tomorrow afternoon, I'll get my geek on and wander the metro area and tomorrow night, we all go on a Booze Cruise around the harbour.

Unless there's computer access at our Hotel, you'll have to wait for a new update...

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