In Brightest Day...

On Monday, I met my workmates and we all travelled to Tokyo together on the company's dime. We had a few hours of free time so I went to Shinjuku with coworker Axel. I knew the trip was going to work out well when I espied this store:

We parted ways after that so I took the opportunity to go see "Green Lantern" which was promised but never arrived at the local theatres. It took a bit of searching to find the place but I eventually did and was glad I did. Though it does have its faults, I may be the only one in the blogosphere to enjoy it. (As buddy Alex states it, "You and Larry King...you never meet a movie you didn't like.) Watch a preview of it and then I'll comment on it more...

Hal Jordan has always been a bit of a dick and no one plays a smarmy dick better than Ryan Reynolds so I don't disagree with casting him in the role. I thought the unknown (to me) woman playing Carol Ferris was very good and brought a believability to the character. I do hope she turns into Star Sapphire in a future movie (if there is one.) Speaking of a future movie, if Sinestro doesn't go up against the entire GL Corps, I'll be disappointed. It was great to see Abin Sur, Kilowog (You Poozer), Tomar Re and the other Corps members, we really need to see more of them. The special effects were superlative, definitely a good use of 3D for a change. I liked Parallax better than the similar Galactus, it looked far more evil. If they could have removed the subplot about he and his dad, it'd be better but otherwise, I have only minor quibbles (like why was Amanda Waller so skinny?)

Fortunately there were no goods of note to buy, for I'd already spent 2100¥ on the movie. I think I'll wait until the GL Pamphlet is in the 100 yen bin at BookOff. I couldn't leave empty handed, so I picked up a Pooh-san Clear file, cuz it's all retro.

I also liked the Kamen-Rider bike and characters they had in the lobby and can't wait for Captain America & PotA!

After the movie, I wandered back to Tokyo station but not before seeing some nuclear protesters & some knickers.

I met up with pals Mark & Andy before I rejoined my colleagues and we shared a quick beer and chat.

Then I went on a boat ride...(Stay tuned tomorrow.)

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